Hire fabric building solutions

Modular, cost-effective structures for all requirements. Steel-framed, PVC-covered, and proudly manufactured in Maine, USA.

Flexible rental agreements

With Renthall, you decide the fully extendable rental period yourself. Our buildings are just as flexible: if more are needed, or you wish to take advantage of our modular design, Renthall can match the growing scope of your requirements.


When there is a need for a flexible, temporary solution renting is an excellent, cost-effective choice. By renting your next building you receive an overview of operating costs, as well as the stability of a predictable fee that sidesteps investment capital.

Turnkey solutions

A term agreement with Renthall can include not only the building itself, but the entire package. You can choose lighting, ventilation, and insulation as needed. Assembly and maintenance are also included. When the rental period is over, Renthall can also handle the dismantling.

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Semi-permanent solutions

Our innovative steel-framed fabric-engineered structures offer proven solutions for a wide range of requirements. These structures are built to last, but are fully relocatable and extendable to meet changing needs.

Temporary solutions

Our buildings are quick to manufacture and erect, so they’re ideal when an ad-hoc solution is required. For any unforeseen circumstances, our flexible structures can be invaluable.

Sustainable systems

All our buildings are relocatable, resalable, and recyclable—it doesn’t get much more sustainable than that.

About Renthall

Find out why our customers chose Renthall, Inc. for their projects.

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Thermohall® insulation

Thermohall® is an innovative insulation system that is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and practical. The system provides major energy savings, while protecting against weather, wind, and noise. With Thermohall®’s unique solution, cold bridges and condensation issues are avoided.

Custom designs

Our experienced engineers have the skills to provide architectural, custom-designed solutions to overcome site or project challenges. Renthall, Inc. can deliver bespoke tensile structures which can be quickly designed, manufactured and erected in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes.

USA quality

All of Renthall’s buildings are proudly designed and manufactured in Maine, USA. Hot-dip galvanized steel frames, top-quality PVC cladding, and American craftsmanship ensure that every building is built to last.