RentHall AS is a company in the Hallmaker Group, which is part of the Zurhaar & Rubb Group.


Findus, Tønsberg and Larvik

Location: Tønsberg and Larvik
Client: Findus
Building Specifications: 20m x 25m x 6m
Eaves Height/Sidewalls: Standard RH 20 with eave height 9,2 meters, and sidewall 6 m outside measured.
Cladding type: Thermohall 100 mm insulation.

Purpose of project: Stock for pallets that the use for transport of their goods out to customers.

RentHall has provided two storage structures for frozen food specialist Findus.

The first hall, located at Tønsberg, is a light grey Rubb Hall measuring 20m x 25m x 6m. It features 100mm insulated Thermohall cladding, with heating fans and lighting. The building is used for the storage of Europallets.
RentHall has also supplied a rented structure to Findus at Larvik. This Rubb Hall also measures 20m x 25m x 6m and is clad with 100mm insulated Thermohall fabric. Heating fans and lights have been provided with this facility. This hall will also be used for storage of Europallets.
Findus already had two storage buildings in Tønsberg. (FX 15m x 24m x 5m single membrane, and FX 20m x 20m x 6m single membrane) The company has now also ordered a 15m x 25m x 6m FXF type insulated structure. With five halls altogether in Tønsberg and Larvik, Findus is a valued and long-standing client of Rubb and RentHall.