RentHall AS is a company in Rubb Industries AS



RentHall’s standard prefabricated Rubb Halls have been optimised for a variety of industrial applications. Rubb Halls are flexible, durable, portable, and designed for fast delivery at a competitive price.

Our rental halls offer many advantages over conventional buildings:

Components are prefabricated in our factories, ready for installation anywhere.

Suitable for existing soil conditions including concrete and asphalt.

Designed, manufactured, and assembled with high focus on safety and quality.

The steel structure is hot dip galvanized after production to ensure minimal maintenance, and very low life-cycle costs.

Translucent cladding on standard buildings provide high levels of natural light inside, promotes safety and productivity.

PVC coated membrane cladding is fully fire tested and approved.

Insulated Thermohall provides high levels of insulation value without loss of portability.

High vertical walls and no internal columns optimize usable space.

Fast delivery and full demountable. This gives great flexibility to the needs around logistics for the customer.

Available to rent today. Contact us to find out how we can help meet your hall rental needs.

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