RentHall AS is a company in Rubb Industries AS



Our RentFleet is ready to provide rental storage solutions to help you protect your materials, equipment and business operations from the elements. They are suitable for temporary and flexible use.

The RentHall Group has a RentFleet of more than 200 rental buildings throughout the world.

With RentHall, our rental structures are available in different building types, shapes and sizes to meet your needs and budget. They are suitable for year-round use.

RentHall building frames are constructed using galvanized, anti-corrosion steel. They are clad with robust and durable PVC coated polyester fabric – completely waterproof with high UV protection and resilient against environmental impact. Due to the robust and durable qualities of RentHall building solutions, they are excellent alternatives to permanent building structures. With RentHall these reliable structures are available now: Any Building, Any Time, Anywhere. Contact us today to find out how our RentFleet can support you.