Hire / Financing

Hire steel fabric buildings with Renthall. All steel-framed buildings are custom-designed and manufactured in Maine, USA to suit your exact needs. A typical rental agreement with Renthall can be anywhere from 12 months to several years.

1. Request for rental

Initially we learn about you and your requirements, such as size, sector, usage and desired hire period.

1-2 weeks

2. Conclusion of agreement

Here we review the rental agreement, price per month, and any future assessment.

1-2 weeks

3. Design & production

Depending on your requirements we look at factors such as ground conditions, customisable features, and any additional circumstances like planning, installation, etc.. Proudly designed and manufactured in Maine, USA.

About 5 weeks

4. Construction

We then look at the details of the actual assembly work. Necessary space around the hall, access for unloading, use of a lift and crane for instance.

About 2 weeks

5. Rental period

Throughout the term, we will consider any potential extension of the agreement, development, or need to relocate the building. We will also discuss the need for service and maintenance.

Desired period

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Any questions?

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